“Prevent A Rescue”

“The goal of solution-based organizations is to 'Prevent Sad Eyes' of animals and humans." -Swedish Proverb

Our History: "Preventing Sad Eyes"
The eyes of a rescue tell us all about their journey. On the left, the tired and spiritless eyes of Highgunner just after being rescued. On the right, Highgunner as he is today – the Thoroughbred spirit has returned. Help us prevent the journey a rescue must endure.

Over thirty years ago, the co-founders of ThoroughbredEd recognized the need to reinstate "Old School" foundation training methods in order to reduce the number of "Unwanted Thoroughbreds". Over the decades, they developed an educational library of over 100,000 pictures/videos and have now assembled a team of experts for this purpose. In order to effectively disseminate this knowledge, the organization recognized it must  1) provide venues for hands-on experiences with the horses and 2) create content that makes the breed more relatable to and relevant in society. The organizations first book, Empowerment Through Thoroughbreds, shows how teaching foundation skills to horses also teaches people about themselves. Below is an article written by one of our Board Members, Theresa Black that draws the parallel on how we influence our children and horses by teaching life skills. These skills are key to "Prevent Sad Eyes."

Board member Theresa Black with her daughter Kaylee and Ambassador horse Highgunner.

Board member Theresa Black with her daughter Kaylee and Ambassador horse Highgunner.

We are the caretakers of "Their Dreams"
"We all know the first few years of life have the most impact on our future. It is this start that defines and molds us. We are leading by example as we make contact with our newborn. We are teaching the power of touch, how to feel, and understand. With just one hand, we have an ability to share a connection, give reassurance, and show compassion. This is the essence of bonding."
"It is in these moments that we allow confidence to be gained, invite doors to be opened, and begin the learning process. Through communication, we develop skills, enable the mind to expand, establish leadership, create strength in character, and offer the chance to be a positive, relevant member of society pursuing our dreams. These are the rewards of bonding."

"Of course, we are talking about the thoroughbred racehorse..... But who doesn't want this for every child? Children and Horses are one and the same! And one must always remember, that as we teach our children, we teach ourselves. Let's give our next generation the right introduction to enjoy good work ethics and encourage their individual best. Perhaps with this in mind, the less successful racehorse will avoid being disposed of, forgotten, or euthanized. Likewise, the less fortunate child will not be destined to an existence on skid row, imprisoned, or dead." - Theresa Black. Mother, British Horse Society Assistant Instructor, Exercise Rider in England and U.S., Racehorse Owner, Thoroughbred Rescuer, Board Member of Thoroughbred Education Foundation.

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