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“The best place to find a helping hand is at the end of your own arm.” -Swedish Proverb

Below are the Life Skills  collaborative resources developed by Thoroughbred Education Foundation.
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Glossary - Our glossary for definitions of terms that are used throughout the website and the below content. Readers have commented that having this glossary has been helpful in clarifying the concepts contained within this handbook.

"The bridge separating rescuing from prevention is life skills."
-Theresa Black, Board Member

Solution-Based Rescue HandbookSolution-Based Rescue is a comprehensive approach to animal welfare problems that focuses on prevention. This approach utilizes Humane Education to teach life skills in order to greatly reduce our at-risk populations, animal or human. 

Bridging Gaps by Building Skills (Community Outreach Proposal): Our Humane Education program featuring our Ambassador Thoroughbreds. We use the Thoroughbred breed's empowering nature to build life skills in "at-risk" populations of humans. In doing so, we also create awareness about the importance of life skills for Thoroughbreds.

  • Meet & Greet Program This program allows the public to interact with the breed, providing individuals a chance to learn about Thoroughbreds and the sport of racing. This includes grooming appointments with our Outreach Ambassadors Highgunner, TooSexyForMySaddle, and I Love Lulu.
  • Humane Education Curriculum – Our lesson plans utilize the empowering nature of the breed to teach skills. The in-class program, Bridging Gaps by Building Skills, focuses on building life skills in “at-risk” humans through the prism of building life skills in young and rescue horses. The hands-on version of this program, Thoroughbred Camp, allows participants to get experience training thoroughbreds as well as the opportunity to learn about themselves.
  • Leadership Program – The horses provide the basis for volunteers to learn  advocacy skills along with how to start a solution-based organization. Solution-Based Rescue is a comprehensive approach to animal welfare that emphasizes prevention.

The Greatest Humane Act Is PreventionCheck out Ambassador Highunner's story. He was a rescue that went to the track and won. Learn how we can prevent the suffering a rescue, like Highgunner, had to endure.
Empowerment Through Thoroughbreds: Discover the Thoroughbred Spirit and its self-empowering nature with Ambassador TooSexyForMySaddle.
Kids For Thoroughbreds: Watch children having fun at the ranch hanging out with the horses, featuring Ambassador I Love Lulu.

It's Possible Series:

  • TEF Trooper - Have fun watching rescue chihuahua TEF Trooper hanging out with his Thoroughbred friends.
  • Chelsea Fields - Follow Chelsea through her adventures at the ranch, race track, Kentucky breeding farms and more.
  • Jess Litsheim & Penny Lane - Watch Jess and her dog Penny Lane having fun and bond with our Ambassador Thoroughbreds.

Horsey Hugs & Kisses - Volunteers and visitors of all ages having fun and bonding with our Ambassador Thoroughbreds
Trick or Trot - Watch our volunteers, their friends, and their pets at a Halloween event featuring Ambassador TooSexyForMySaddle.

Prevent Sad Eyes:
 Learn how we can prevent rescue Thoroughbreds.
Jr. Horsemen - Amanda and Jake: Watch Amanda and Jake grow up with several generations of Thoroughbred rescues and babies.

More videos to come including our Jr. Horsemen series and Millennial Talk videos.


Quote Wall - Checkout the voices for animal welfare.
Poem Wall - Poems about animal welfare.

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