“Prevent A Rescue”

His Cause: The Greatest Humane Act Is Prevention

Highgunner | TooSexyForMySaddle | I Love Lulu

Highgunner - His Sport. His Dream.

Meet our first Ambassador Thoroughbred, Highgunner. He took his life back after he was rescued in 2004. He then lived "His Dream" of going to the track to run and win in "His Sport." Learn about Highgunner's winning attitude with any job he takes on. Also meet all of Highgunner's friends including mini-horse Chopper (pictured below) along with his fellow camp Ambassadors TooSexyForMySaddle and I Love Lulu. Watch him have fun with adults, kids and pets.  More to come about His Cause.

Highguner's Dream Wall

Let the Thoroughbred Spirit tell you about the breed's versatile, social and athletic nature.

“Purpose is doing a job with a passion from within- The Thoroughbred Way.”
-Chelsea Fields, Volunteer Director

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