"Prevent A Rescue"

“Wouldn’t you like to stop the suffering of a rescue, prevent the need to rescue, and save lives?” -ThoroughbredEd

Pictured is husband and wife co-founders Sheryl Fulop, DVM and Ken Lian, DVM with Ambassador Thoroughbred TooSexyForMySaddle. Use the links above to learn about our board members and their experiences with in animal welfare. Learn how our history provided the basis for our organization to focus not only on saving animals, but building skills in animals and humans to prevent the need to rescue.

Our Cause
“Prevent A Rescue”

“Wouldn’t you like to stop the suffering of a rescue, prevent the need to rescue, and save lives?”

Our Vision
A Prevention Culture

This culture emphasizes the building of life skills in at-risk populations, thus reducing the need to rescue.

Our Mission Statement
Bridging Gaps by Building Skills

Our mission is to bridge learning gaps through the building of life skills. We use the
empowering and self-enlightening nature of the Thoroughbred breed to teach key life skills. 
Our comprehensive awareness and education campaign focuses on prevention to attain our goals
and make the cultural change necessary to realize our vision of a prevention culture.

Our Humane Education Goal
Social Equality through Animal Welfare

Teaching life skills through a comprehensive in-class and hands-on
Humane Education curriculum using animal welfare models that include Thoroughbreds.


We would like to thank the following individuals for sharing their knowledge. 
Their collective experiences cover over a century of training Thoroughbreds: 
Kenny Black, Theresa Black, Jerry Lambert, Larry Damore, and Walt Hagman.

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