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Check out our work that includes testimonials, books, and our “Meet & Greet” program
along with a discussion about the organizations vision for your 2019 donation.



Our Volunteers
Discovering The Obvious Testimonial


Click on the audio bar above to listen to Lauren Greenberg discusses her “life skills journey”
with horses and the Thoroughbred Education Foundation (ThoroughbredEd).

Our First Book
Learn About Thoroughbreds & Why We Exist

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Click here to download the PDF file for our book “Learn About Thoroughbreds & Why We Exist” (10” x 13” format). Lauren helped in the development of this book which features Ambassador Thoroughbred “Highgunner”. The book contains information about Thoroughbred rescues, Solution-Based Advocacy, and mini-testimonials from our volunteers about their experiences with the Thoroughbred Education Foundation. Other books include “Empowerment Through Thoroughbreds” along with three volunteer experience books and four picture books featuring our Ambassador Thoroughbreds with volunteers and other animals. PDF versions of these books are available upon request.

Our Program
“Meet & Greet”

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The picture to the right is Lauren teaching a young girl how to feed carrots to Ambassador Thoroughbred “I Love Lulu”. This young girl had trouble with her “inside voice”. Lauren was able help the young girl understand the importance of having an “inside voice” when dealing with people and animals. For a copy of our “Meet & Greet” one page grant proposal with a discovery addendum, click here.


Our Vision For Your Donation
 “The Greatest Humane Act Is Prevention”

2018 was a transition year for Thoroughbred Education Foundation (ThoroughbredEd) and its solution-based approach to the “Unwanted Animal” problem. Initially, the organization had a large hands-on volunteer experience with the Thoroughbreds. These volunteers also acted as a focus group to help develop our ideas and content. This initial phase covered the first seven years of the organization and produced multiple books, articles, and concepts along with helping many of our volunteers find their way into veterinary schools. Currently, the organization is in a consolidating phase, working with smaller groups of volunteers/guests with an emphasis on the further development our Solution-Based Advocacy content and platforms.

“It takes a global village of ideas to create solutions.”
Lauren Greenberg, Volunteer

One may ask why ThoroughbredEd is focusing on Solution-Based Advocacy. ThoroughbredEd is a solution orientated organization and not a rescue focused organization: our vision is to replace a “Rescue Culture with a “Prevention Culture”. We have been involved with rescuing in the past and incorporated these rescues in our programs for teaching purposes. If ThoroughbredEd’s vision of prevention is to be realized, we need the general public and donors to understand that “The Greatest Humane Act Is Prevention”. With this understanding, we have constructed a solution-based critical thinking model designed to help re-allocate the emotional, intellectual, and financial resources of the animal welfare community to focus on preventing the suffering a rescue had to endure.

“The greatest humane act is prevention for it avoids the suffering a rescue had to endure.”
-Bob Ferber, Esq and Ken Lian, DVM

Our facility is located on a 240 acre ranch just below the Reagan Library and provides us with exceptional areas for meetings, teaching, and introducing our Ambassador Thoroughbreds to guests. The ranch has a great backdrop for pictures and videos and includes dogs and cats along with the horses.


Our Vision For Your Donation
Our goal for 2019 is to further develop our solution-based outreach content and platforms. We will focus on small venues such as lectures, events, radio events, interviews, etc. 2019 is also designed to be a set up for more extensive outreach in 2020. Though our facility overhead is the largest expense of the organization, this location provides a unique experience for volunteers and guests as well as content development. Our goal is to use 20% of our funds for outreach purposes until we receive donations past our overhead costs. Once we have received donations past our overhead costs, funds will be predominately dedicated to our outreach efforts.

“The day we close a shelter’s doors is the day we can say we succeeded.”

-Dakota Cooley, Volunteer

Table 1 - 2019 Projected Budget

Table 01a.png

Boarding - Four stalls maintained by the ranch along with access to the facilities that includes turnouts, arena, roundpen, hot walker, track and trails.
Shoeing - Dr Lian does some work on the horses
Supplies - Shavings, grain, carrots, tack, shampoo, etc
Outreach - Cards, brochure, books, website, events, testimonials and interviews
Veterinary - Dr Lian and Dr Fulop do most of the veterinary work on the horses. The amount in this section represents a possible visit(s) by a mobile equine practitioner
Insurance - Directors and Officers, Liability

2018/2019 Comparison
Overhead Expenses=$27,100

  • Boarding, shoeing, supplies, and insurance in 2019 are expected to be very similar to 2018 costs

Outreach Expenses=$3000

  • Cards, brochure, books, website, events expenses are expected to increase in 2019